What I have been up to.

I have been busy. I finally finished the mammoth. 18 hours. Possibly the most difficult gargantuan model to assemble and paint. Too many tassels and ropes and things, but it is done and I will post a photo of it after Dylan sees it. Also magnetized two Cygnar Jacks and will paint them tomorrow.

Now that the mammoth project is over I can continue on with my Khador.

Glorious Khador!

I will make a video on epoxy bases tomorrow in celebration of my birthday.

Last Saturday The Wargamer Orphan League started their journeyman league. We all agreed that we would do a switcheroo. WM players got Hordes Battleboxes and vice versa. I picked TrollBloods.

pMadrak, 2 Impalers and an Axer tabled Retribution.

After I played a 25pt Butch3r list against Everblight.

My list was:

Butch3r with War Argus

War Dog


Doom Reavers with UA

IFP with UA

Iron Fang Kovnik

Maybe something else… No… I dunno.

Khador took on an Archangel and lost.

I think Doom Reavers are kind of dumb.

Anywho I think it is nap time. I will be at it bright and early tomorrow morning. Gotta finish up Dylans stuff and get his monies.





Raising The Mammoth (Now with UPDATES)

I decided to assemble and paint a skorne Mammoth because I like Dylans money. I have never assembled or painted a huge base model. I opened the box and started sweating.

I can do this.

This model requires a lot of shaving and filing. 2 hours worth just for the main two portions of it. After all that they still dont fit together properly and will require green stuff and sculpting.

Why would anyone want to do this to themself?

Why would anyone want to do this?

This is one big hunk of model. Tomorrow I attach the arms and prime it. I will leave you with this gem of a photo, the Mammoths face is ridiculous.



3/6/14 UPDATE

Primed the main portion of the mammoth. Black first then gray dusting. Used black white and brown mixed together for skintone. Added more white then applied lightly over the skin. Black washed the skin. Added white to the lightened skimtone and drybrushed on. Made a brownwash and applied over the skin. Did not apply the lotion, got the hose again.

Started to paint the red portions of the armor. I mixed khador red and some cygnar blue base and made skorne red. Added a little more blue to darken it up. Painted. Then added more red to tye remaining mixture and painted on. Blackwash.

And here it is so far:

I should have sharper teeth, I eat hydras.

I should have sharper teeth, I eat hydras.


UPDATE 3/7/2014

This thing is extremely detailed and it is driving me mad. I have 12 hours into it already and I am about 47% done.

Take a look:

Skorne is dicks.

Skorne is dicks.



IFP: Episode 2

I got a tablet for my birthday so I decided to try it out for this post.

The Iron Fang Pikemen are a few steps closer to being table ready.  I black/gray primed them last week and tonight I worked on their reds and bases.

Here are a few photos taken with my tablet, they are kind of yucky.

Yes, I am a slob.

Yes, I am a slob.

My shelf is not a slob.   
My shelf is not a slob.


I primarily use P3 paints. When I paint red things like Khador I mix yellow into the red. I am laying down right now otherwise I would write the yellow name here, but you know that I start with Khador Red Base. Then add yellow as stated. I rarely use the Khador Red Highlight because it is a creamish orange color and dulls out the red.

I mix all of these together with mixing medium and then I do something CRAZY!

I add red tattoo ink to it instead of the P3 Red Ink.

Yup, I am insane.

Seriously though… I find it better at evening out the red balance so I use it and give no shits. So hardcore.

It usually takes three layers (because its thin) to get a good uniform red. Warm acrylic colors are hard to get uniform because they are usually way to thin to begin with, but the mixing medium and tattoo ink helps.

So after the red armor parts are dry I blackwash it with a thin mixture of cra(ft)ppy black paint and water. Yes it leaves watermarks as it dries. No I dont care. After its dry I take straight khador red base and paint the larger surface areas with a slim coat. Brightens it up. Huzzah!

For their capes I use krb and cygnar blue base mixed at a ratio of 3:1. Maybe more like 4:1. It makes Skorne Red. I paint then blackwash. Then blackwash again. Then drybrush. Yes.

Then I make the bases. I use metal epoxy and a brick. I smash the brick into it a bunch to give it texture. Wait, I lied. I actually used a chunk of corkboard for this. But sometimes I use a brick. Use whatever.

Let harden then drybrush with white cra(ft)p paint from walmart. Glue khadorans to bases, done.

Tomorrow I paint the metal parts while gluing together a Mammoth for money.




IFP: Episode 1

So… it is time. It is time to dive head first into one of the most complained about tasks in The Motherland.

It is time to assemble…



Yes. Iron Fang Pikemen. I am going to attempt to assemble these models without pinning or brass rodding. I already went through and straightened out the pikes. In retrospect I should have left them how I found them for comedy purposes, but I have way too much respect for Khador to do that. So they are straightened, but not arrow straight.

These models had a copious amount of mold release on them (Wash. Your. Models.) so they got a bath, and right now they are all tucked in for the night on their paper towel bed.

I am still on the fence as to how I should handle the shield issue should I choose to get the Black Dragon upgrade. Do I magnetize? I have some time to decide. I do know for certain that should the day come where I do order the upgrade, I will purchase a new UA.

I have already assembled and painted the Officer and the IF Kovnik, they are eager to boss these clowns around. I can not wait to kill Lug with them. Damn B’ar, thinks it can get away with being a b’ar with Iron Fang Pikemen around. No.

Anyway, I will get to gluing this mess up in the morning. Time to watch American Horror Story:Asylum and take a nap.

Good night all.


Iron Fang Pikemen and some hate on MoW

Whoa, lookit! An Iron Fang Pikemen Officer! As the title of this post suggests, this may be about IFP and MoW units. OH BOY!


Howdy! Since the beginning of my venture into Warmachine and my love of Khador one unit always called to me, and that unit would be The Iron Fang Pikemen. I don’t know why. In a world where everything is modernizing as it rides the cusp of a fantastical industrial revolution,  here stand a bunch of guys in chainmail skirts, giant shoulder armor and a pike that explodes. EXPLODES! No ranged weapons, just… a big stick with a bomb on the end that they usually use to hunt bears. Think about that for a second. Got it? Yeah…

I started with a two player battle box that I split with Jason. I started with Man-O-War Shocktroopers. Big steam powered units with giant axes and shields that are also cannons. A leader and 4 grunts with 8 damage boxes each seems hard to beat for an infantry choice.  I thought I was the coolest kid in school and loved MoW infantry. I had purchased two Demo Corps and Bombardiers because I loved the idea of MoW. Khador means that bigger is better. I thought people were dumb for using 1 point model infantry. One hit and it is dead? Gone? Wow, what a waste of points and money! You are fielding like 30 small base models that have 1 damage box each (cough…Nikki…cough) against my 15 medium base steam powered badasses! You are going to cry yourself to sleep after this match when my Shoc… shit, my MoW are dead already? Your swarm turned them into scrap in like… two turns. Those were half my points.. . I am hosed.

Why did this happen? Let me tell you why.

MoW are SLOW.  MoW even sounds like slow if you say it like “Mow”. How slow? 4 inches a turn.  Too slow. Like, turn 3 and finally getting into the action kind of slow, but thats okay, they have some gimmicks. They can take a crapton of hits. Your opponent needs to do 40 points of damage to wipe a unit off the map. Demo Corps have sick hammers with Reach that can swing again or swing extra hard. Crazy. Shocktroopers have giant axes with reach and a shield that is also a cannon. A CANNON. They carry these around and shoot people with them (which not many players do because the shot is range 6 and your charge range is 7 +2 with reach). They have this order called shield wall which gives them +4 to their armor. Defense 11 armor 21 wall of steam powered crazy, so everything will be gravy. Nope. Junk. Why are they junk? Because they are TOO. EFFIN’. SLOW!

Maybe I am being a little harsh on MoW. They are not all that junky and there are players out there that swear by them (I did.).

MoW are intimidation units in my opinion. They exist to suck up valuable points and scare your opponent into targeting the big scary guys in steam armor with giant axes and hammers and if you are using Bombardiers big grenade launchers with a chainsaw bolted to it. A CHAINSAW GRENADE LAUNCHER!!! WHAAAAT?! (I kept these guys, deal with it). Oh yeah, that. let’s get to that part.

So I sold off a big chunk of my Khador so I could replace that chunk with stuff I wanted. My Shocktroopers and Demo Corps went away, along with Jacks I never used, my cavalry solo, and Zerkova. When all was said and done I looked down at my glorious Motherland force and realized that I now had NO melee options for infantry (went winterguard heavy). I panicked. What was I to do now?!

Then like a grown up person I did some research.  MoW DC and ST weapons are P+S 14. That is good. Most small base models have 11 or 12s. Okay… time to check out IFP.


P+S 13 weapons with REACH? Unit attachment Officer and Standard?! SHIELD WALL?!  CMA?! Speed 6?! Minifeat?! Why have I not followed my heart and used these guys before?! Oh… 1 damage point a piece. Yuck.

Wait… not yuck, yum. Like cheesecake yum. Mmmm cheesecake.


Yes, they are not bad at all. If I pony up the $15 bucks PP wants for the upgrade, I can run them as Black Dragons and give them Precision Strike against Warjacks/Warbeasts. BD minifeat grants them another +4 armor. Sick.

What it comes down to is options. MoW have almost no unit specific options. No UA. No real MoW caster (Butcher and Karchev do NOT count). IFP=options. I like options.

I can not wait to give them a try. I will post their assembly and paint progress. I have already straightened out all of their pikes. It was not hard.

I want to keep typing but I traded in my MoW armor for IFP armor and thus I am without the steam power to continue. I do have a big explody stick though.

Time to go watch American Horror Story: Asylum. Good stuff.

Til next time!



The Butcher UNLEASHED! part 2:War Argus

I lost my camera charger, so the photos may be a little crappy.

I went ahead and painted up the two War Argus now it is time to work on their bases. I start with gluing down chunks of cork.


Then I use a metal epoxy and smear it on top of the cork. using a brick and a small chunk of cork I apply texture. I let the epoxy firm up a little before pressing the model into place to create the footing divets.


Then I base paint it black, then dust with gray, then drybrush it a bunch until it looks like rocks.


then I apply static grass and War Argus.


Here is the other War Argus.



And that is it! Here is a screenshot of my Khador dogs hanging out waiting to eat a Cygnar PigDog.


Coming up next: The Butcher3.


The Butcher UNLEASHED! part 1

The Butcher of Khardov was the second warcaster that I picked up for Khador (started my addiction by splitting a 2 player battlebox with Jason).  Let me just explain one thing:


When I had heard that that Privateer Press was releasing Butcher3 for their 10th anniversary I got excited! I could not afford the anniversary box set so like every other poor Khador player I had to wait until he was released for poorish people. This is the most money I will EVER spend on a warcaster, but I spent it, because:



I though I would walk y’all through how I assemble, base, paint and play using The Butcher UNLEASHED!

K, here goes:

I start by staring at the box after it arrives. It is a pretty, pretty box. Look at those WAR ARGUS! LOOKIT!

This... this is beautiful.

This… this is beautiful.

The next thing I do is I take all the pieces out and I wash them. I use Dawn dish soap and a tooth brush. I do this because there is a mold release agent on the pieces and if they are not cleaned the paint may not stick. Clever, eh?

splish splash! MUST wash!

splish splash! MUST wash!

Then I let them air dry. There is no better feeling than air drying.

See, this is what metal should look like. Don't be lazy, wash your models.

See, this is what metal should look like. Don’t be lazy, wash your models.

Then I glue them together. One of the War Argus came with a metal sandbag thing which I will not use. I use a gel type superglue and zip kicker. All hail zip kicker.



So before painting I filled in the gaps on the Argus with a loctite product called POWER GRAB. I ust this to make flames, which I may show you another day after I am driven mad by the sheer volume of Khador I have to paint (also received a ten man unit of Iron Fang Pikemen, Their UA, and The Iron Fang Kovnik, ugh). Anyway, do this so that you don’t have spaces where flesh should be. Don’t be lazy.

fill in your seams, especially on organic parts!

fill in your seams, especially on organic parts!

Then I basecoat them black. I use an ultra flat black spray paint. These models are like Thomas English Muffins: so many nooks and crannys. Make sure you get that paint into the crannys.

Yep, basecoat one.

Yep, basecoat one.

Then I do something amazing. I dusk my primed models with a gray primer! WOW! This actually helps with painting warm colors like red. Khador red. Soooooo much red.

WHAAAA..?! Why did he do that?

WHAAAA..?! Why did he do that?

And then I put the dried models on the shelf and wait for the basecoat to harden all the way. Here is a close up of primed Butcher3. He is very handsome, except for his giant ear. What is this, the BFG?! Get out of here with that dumbo ear! But seriously…

Paint me. Paint me now.

Paint me. Paint me now.


Part 2 is coming soon.





My Dire Troll Mauler project

This is my Dire Troll Mauler.  He is slightly modified. I cut off the lower part of the Bomber head and the top part of the Mauler head and glued them together. I was not a fan of Mauler head until I did this.


I used the Blitzers closed fists as well. The weapon type is called “Big Meaty Fist” on the Mauler stat card, and the traditional build calls for use of the open hands in the box. Not very fist like.




I took a backside photo to show you the quality of my basing work. This is my favorite part of modelling.


Another photo featuring the base.


My Dire Troll Mauler with his buddies. Two Axers and two Impalers.

Total work time on Mauler:

1 hour modding and assembling, 2 hours painting, 30 minutes base assembly and paint.

Feel free to let me know what you think.